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Thread: Cursed, of Course: A Fantasy Comic

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    In the face of all this wonderful story, I have two words:
    Called it.
    Now, in all seriousness, I'm rather interested in seeing where the story goes from here!
    The level of detail is, as usual, impressive!
    (Did anyone else notice his hood shift when he talked about her?)
    The storyline is, as usual, interesting!
    And frankly I've said it often enough that giving you accolades is getting repetitive!
    Not a usual compliment, I admit, but my own repetitiveness hit hard.
    Which means I'll try something new next post or so, I can assure you on that.
    In the meantime, here is your usual:
    Thank you for making this comic, and keeping it interesting!
    It's still enjoyable to check for if this comic's updates, and each update feel's worthwhile!
    This time, my "cringe" is in the sheer length of this post. Dangit.
    And thank you for reading this! Also, I hope you have a better day!
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