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'Let me help you,' Deepwood said, picking a wood on his back- he wasn't an earth pony, but still he was strong enough to help.
'Being rude is my thing. Terrible. Ha?" he chuckled.
\"Well, you have taught me about hope. That for certain,'

Naku starts to object, but then stops for a moment, takes a breath, and just nods. "All right. Over there please. I'll just dig more post holes if you're willing to bring them over."
Then she blinks a few times, and adjusts her glasses, bemused by what she just heard. "So. Attacking people for no reason is rude. Being rude is 'your thing', so you're just going to keep attacking people for no reason? I mean no disrespect or anything, but that is truly a good way to get yourself killed. Or,
if you're in this realm, to probably get me called in to make you stop; and I don't think either of us would like that. Please just don't."