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Paddling ever so slowly towards Grace, Strawberry smiles when she hears the woman apologize. Though she isn't amused in the least, it's just a smile of courtesy. Which also reveals that her teeth are black in color and have a slight metallic shine to them. "Well, it's not like I'm trying to hide it or anything. I could tell you the abridged version." Strawberry says. "You see, I've lived the first sixty years of my life as an ordinary human in a village, back in my home world. Nearly everyone was a natural human back then, because biotechnology wasn't really that well developed yet. When I was sixty, I decided that I had enough of this ever-repeating small town family life, and enlisted for the military. Only because it was a time of peace, of course. There, I got my first engineered body, a mermaid-type just like this one. Over the years, engineered bodies became more and more widespread, until just about everyone had one, like, ten years ago. Everyone looked different, but we all considered ourselves and each other human.
Until I was swallowed by a portal to the Nexus, three years ago, and landed on a hill near Bayside. Now wherever I go, people immediately call me a mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, and assume all kinds of stuff about me. Except for the other merfolk, they ask why I look so different. It sure didn't help that I knew nothing about this world, had to live in a port basin, and sometimes eat literal trash to survive.
In short, nothing I had ever been or done in my home world mattered anything in the Nexus."

After having completed this wall of text, Strawberry will surely have reached the shore. She looks down at her long, everyday dress, and frowns upon seeing how soaked and brown with sediment it is. Not what you would want to wear to make a good first impression.

Grace, who definitely is going no where near the spooky water, listens, and blinks a few times. She keeps her comments to herself, until she's sure Strawberry has finished her story.
"Oh." Is her first comment. "I don't know what to say. You say that you got your 'first' body. Does that mean that you can, or could, get more?
Though I fully understand what it's like to show up and have basically nothing you did back home matter. I got my Doctorate playing with chemicals back home.
Here, people just . . . wave a hand. Magic whatever they need. So I think I can sympathize at, at least a bit.

So then . . . how about now? How are you holding up? I assume you have found food? You're not still eating trash and things, right?"