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Grant frowned with distaste evident on his face.

Hopefully I can dumpster this thing quick and get back to relaxing.

"Well. Here's hoping. If you, uh, need any help, just give a shout. I doubt there's much aid I could lend if you actually need help, but don't hesitate if you do."

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Without even noticing, Strawberry will use the ancient art of holding-several-conversation-threads-at-once-because-this-is-FFRP-and-nobody-got-time-for-short-posts. Fun fact: it ranks 17th in the list of ancient arts with long names. "That's pretty unlikely as of now. In our world, we had biotechnology that allowed for complete human metamorphosis without any memory loss or other unpleasant side effects. So basically, I stepped into this man-sized fluid tank as a natural human, fell asleep, and one week later I woke up as a mermaid-like thing. I had to do that again every time the military geneticists rolled out upgraded version of that body type. So basically, no, I can't change my body at will or anything, and I haven't heard of any Oparin facility in the Nexus. I'm permanently a mermaid now, I guess."

Strawberry laughs dryly. "Oh yes, magic. People disregarding every law of physics, biology and society with a lazy handwave. To be honest, being around magic makes me really uncomfortable."

"Don't worry, things have gotten better. I've found a home, I've found a grocery store, I've found a job. Well, part time jobs actually, a whole three... two of them. But you get the idea, I'm not a hobo anymore." She smiles. Sure, she is still poor, but at the same time, you can't expect life to just give you lemons.

With the chair now hovering over firm ground, Strawberry tries to swish her hands by its sides again, press inivisble buttons again, "Forward!" again, but still, nothing happens. "Aaand, seems like this thing is just some office chair without propulsion. That's a little inconvenient." She tries to drag herself and the chair along the ground with her tail, but fails.

It's an ancient art, passed on from generation to generation. To generation. And to friends. Who pass it on from generation to generation. It's a good skill.
"So that would just . . . keep happening? And you could keep changing it? Not at will, I understand, but was it strictly limited to the same race? For example, if you got turned into a mermaid,
and could repeatedly get upgrades, could you then reset? For example to, say, some sort of catgirl? Or once you choose, are you locked in?"

With that, Grace changes themes of the conversation, and answers to her last part second. Grace takes ahold of the handles on the back of the chair, and tries pushing it a little bit, to see if maybe she could move it for Strawberry. She can, unless Strawberry objects, and would rather her not. "Well, at least there are handles, so I can help?"

And then she replies to the comment about the magic and physics. "I don't mind much being around magic," Grace comments, as she begins moving them both in the direction of the town, unless, again, Strawberry had rather she didn't. "I just dislike that it invalidates most of what I know."

"I am glad life is going better for you though."