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    Quote Originally Posted by Mee View Post

    It's an ancient art, passed on from generation to generation. To generation. And to friends. Who pass it on from generation to generation. It's a good skill.
    "So that would just . . . keep happening? And you could keep changing it? Not at will, I understand, but was it strictly limited to the same race? For example, if you got turned into a mermaid,
    and could repeatedly get upgrades, could you then reset? For example to, say, some sort of catgirl? Or once you choose, are you locked in?"

    With that, Grace changes themes of the conversation, and answers to her last part second. Grace takes ahold of the handles on the back of the chair, and tries pushing it a little bit, to see if maybe she could move it for Strawberry. She can, unless Strawberry objects, and would rather her not. "Well, at least there are handles, so I can help?"

    And then she replies to the comment about the magic and physics. "I don't mind much being around magic," Grace comments, as she begins moving them both in the direction of the town, unless, again, Strawberry had rather she didn't. "I just dislike that it invalidates most of what I know."

    "I am glad life is going better for you though."

    Strawberry does not object. "Yes, that would be very nice. Thank you." Since Grace is now behind her, she probably can't see the blush tinting Strawberry's face blue. She didn't really like having to rely on the help and kindness of others, and burden them with her disability.

    "No, you aren't bound to a specific body class at all." Strawberry talks a little louder, so Grace my hear her clearly. "I could've become a catgirl, as you said, or a six-arm, or a heavy muscle, or a harpy, you name it. Or go back to enhanced human form. But as I said, I was in the military, so I couldn't exactly do what I wanted. In the naval infantry, you were required to have a combat-mermaid body at all times, in case politics went downhill and you had to be deployed fast. And since metamorphosis takes one week, and my longest vacations were only four weeks at a time, changing bodies for the duration of a vacation didn't really seem worth it. Especially since the state only paid for job-related metamorphoses, and I wanted to spend my salary on something more important."

    "That's exactly the reason why I don't like it." she agrees, while letting her gaze wander over the tranquil scenery. "No laws of nature apply to magic. Not even the laws of magic apply to magic. You never know what a spell of effect actually does until it hits you. For example, if this chair was magic, it could slowly twist me into a horrible demon, just by sitting in it, and I would have no way to know until it's too late. Or take the way I came here: one second, I'm lying in my bed at home, closing my eyes for a nap, and when I open them again I'm in a lake located god knows where. Or in another example, I recently saw a short report on television, about a miracle healer who gave his patients cancer, so they would eventually come back to him. By using healing magic." Strawberry sighs. "Well, enough of me ranting. You get the idea, it's the unpredictability of magic that creeps me out."

    A smile spreads across her face, and a warm, fuzzy feeling in her stomach. "Thank you. Being concerned about the well-being of strangers is quite admirable, but also pretty rare these days." Maybe not among PCs, but definitely among the NPCs that populate Bayside.
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