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Tentacle beasts. Why did it have to be tentacle beasts.
Uh... anime cliche?

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I guess giving the spear-lady her weapon back isn't the worst idea right now. The treasure stealing watcher in the water definitely has priority.
I'm pretty sure that both of them have enough common sense to realize that taking out the beast is more important right now.

Regarding armor designs: I think Pellan's armor, especially the pauldrons, looks really... interesting considering his current predicament.
A bit too fitting to be a coincidence.
At thhe very least it doesn't speak well of his character. Good guy armor usually doesn't look like that.
It's possible that he was cursed because he did something bad, and he regretted it and is trying to be a good person, or at least a less bad person.

Or I could be talking out of my ass. Hooray for random guessing!