Now that Giant lives once more!

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[Lake -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Town Area]

Strawberry laughs quietly while fidgeting with the webbing between her elongated fingers. "It's alright, you said nothing wrong. I've already thought long and hard about what to do about my body, considered a lot of options. You see, I don't really know how many defense and healing mechanisms this thing actually has, but I'm fairly sure that attempts to alter my DNA even further or graft mechanical limbs onto my body will be futile. And I'd rather not want anything magical twist and transmute me. Besides, this body has a lot of nice features and gadgets, and the lack of legs really is the only problem. So... yeah, I've basically come to the conclusion that one of those high-tech wheelchairs might be all I need, really. You know, those that can drive off-road, sideways, climb stairs and stuff." Those last two sentences got some pretty excited intonation. Like when a child talks about that really cool bicycle it's definitely gonna get for Christmas.

"Things usually are not evil, that's right. Just like the chamber is usually empty when playing Russian roulette." Strawberry falls silent for a moment, letting Grace's words sink in. "Someone or something might have brought us both here for a reason. And what do we know, maybe it had malicious intent. See,..." She again stops for a second, her voice suddenly taking on a much more subdued tone. "Or, well, maybe I'm being a little too paranoid. Sorry for being so negative about everything."

If the location tag isn't fake news, the town should gradually become more and more visible behind all the lush greenery.
[Close to, but not yet at, Town]

"Yeah, for sure. Mucking about with more changing, when you don't know fully what's being changed, seems like a potentially hazardous idea. And I mean, as long as you're happy with your body, that's what really matters, right?" Grace shrugs a bit. That was her philosophy, anyway. Though her happiness with her own body was definitely something up for debate.
"Welllll. If you want some help, I'd love to try to help you come up with something. Unless you want to keep this chair, anyway. We could just make it awesome."

"They might have had malicious intent, for sure. Buuuut, I'm thinking that if they had, we would have known by now. It's been plenty long enough that they would make their presence known.
And I doubt they'd have given us anything. No no, don't be sorry though. Paranoid is definitely better than dead."

The town does indeed become more and more noticeable! Along with it, the smell of delicious freshly baked bread!

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"Pff.. too many underestimated me. I have survived so far.' Deepwood grumbled, and rolled his eyes.
"Well, I can go back, but she'l just send me back here until I'll "learn to calm down"
Naku pauses, raising an eyebrow at Deepwood again. She shakes her head, and stabs the shovel into the earth one more time to dig out another scoopful of dirt. Apparently digging this hole is going to take a while.
"Be that as it may with being underestimated, I'd suggest you avoid making that same mistake of others here. That pink girl you talked to on the way in, this is her realm. She is a god. We also have another guy who just straight destroys planets if someone on it makes him angry. We also have some dragons out in the forest that probably would view you as a snack.
So, sure. We shouldn't underestimate you. But don't you be underestimating them, either."
Naku didn't list herself in there either, when talking about the people to not underestimate. Who knows what that actually means.
"I see." She continues, digging another shovelful of dirt out. "Well, then definitely don't go picking fights. Not if you're supposed to calm down. Unless fights do calm you down. Then you should just be very, very careful."