[Finally, Town]

Strawberry's nasal cavity actually extends far into her skull, and is densely packed with highly developed olfactory receptors, granting her a sense of smell comparable to that of a bloodhound. A useful sense in dark or murky waters. She'll likely smell much more than just freshly baked bread.

She turns around to Grace, her face bearing an expression of surprise and disbelief. "Help me? You?" She starts to smile a little. Apparently her brain has trouble computing random kindness. "But... why? Really? How would you...? I don't want to trouble you with my problems, really not..."

Somehow, the second strand of conversation seems unaffected. "Dead? I thought we were just being set up for mean shenanigans or something, or someone maybe is robbing our homes while we're far away. Is murder really such a random and frequent occurrence in the Nexus? I mean, you often hear about it on the news or as rumors, but I always thought that might be exaggerated or specific to Bayside." Strawberry sounds a little bit worried.

By now, the women should probably be past the tall shrubbery and entering the outskirts of the adorable town.

((I don't really get that remark about Grace's body, since you never described her body type.))