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    Xavouir Markard

    Alias: The Left Hand of Death
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Daemon
    Age: 32
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Wizard 3, Commoner 4, Fighter 6
    Power Rating: With Kitty: B, Without Kitty: C
    Personality: Eccentric at best, slightly deranged at worst
    Equipment: Green Robes of Power (They don't really do anything except look cool), a couple of Cure Moderate Wounds potions, and the intelligent magic sword named Kitty (The sword is actually a power level akin to a demi-god)
    Abilities: Xavouir has basic magic, with Kitty he has perfect swordplay, without Kitty he has basic swordplay, he is really easy to hit (but has a healing factor)
    Backstory: Really simple one. Xavouir was born into a human world, yet he was a Daemon. He was ridiculed by almost everyone, and dabbled in dark magic at one point. After a revelation that if he continued down this path he would be eternally damned, he turned to the path of "sort of good". He took on the mantle of Priest of Pharasma, the god of birth and death, and eventually was gifted with her greatest weapon: The Black Sword of Profane Power. Xavouir shortened this name to "Kitty", and has been wandering aimlessly killing evil wherever he finds it.
    Miscellaneous: On the chances that people steal Kitty, the sword has a chance to expel their spirit from their body. It doesn't kill them, their soul returns eventually, but if they're evil they get to see the true meaning of hell if only for a little while.
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