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    Default Re: Deathwatch: The Undeath of Zanatov's Harbour [OOC]

    Aldwin - Subjugators Tactical Marine

    Rank: 1
    History: Cities of Death (The Leng campaign)
    Demeanour: Taciturn
    Chapter Demeanour: Sons of Dorn

    Spoiler: Mechanics

    WS 47
    BS 46 (includes +5 advance)
    S 42
    T 42
    Ag 41
    Int 46 (includes +5 advance)
    Per 37
    Wp 54 (includes +5 advance, +10 chapter bonus)
    Fel 36

    Wounds: 21 (includes Sound Con 1)
    Fate: 2 (after Price of Victory)

    Half: 4 (5)
    Full: 8 (10)
    Charge: 12 (15)
    Run: 24 (30)


    Renown: 20 (respected)
    Total Experience: 18000
    Experience to Spend:

    Spoiler: Skills

    Awareness (Per)
    Ciphers (Chapter Runes) (Int)
    Climb (S)
    Command (Fel)
    Demolition (Int)
    Dodge (Ag)
    Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch Imperium, Jericho Reach, War) (Int)
    Concealment (Ag)
    Drive (Ground Vehicles) (Ag)
    Forbidden Lore (Traitor Legions +20, Xenos) (Int)
    Intimidate (S)
    Literacy (Int)
    Navigation (Surface) (Int)
    Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes) (Int)
    Silent Move (Ag)
    Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int)
    Tactics (Assault+10, Armour, Defensive, Recon and Stealth) (Int)
    Tracking (Int)
    Trade (Remembrancer) (Int)

    Carouse (T)
    Charm (Fel)
    Contortionist (Ag)
    Deceive (Fel)
    Evaluate (Int)
    Gamble (Per)
    Inquiry (Fel)
    Logic (Int)
    Scrutiny (Per)
    Search (Per)
    Swim (S)

    Spoiler: Talents


    Astartes Weapons Training (Use any weapons except exotic)

    Bulging Biceps (Fire heavy weapons without bracing)

    Deathwatch Training (Auto confirm righteous fury against Xenos)

    Double Team (Extra +10 bonus to WS when ganging up in melee)

    Hatred (Chaos Space Marines) (+10 WS when fighting Chaos Marines)

    Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight) (+10 to bonuses involving these senses, stacks with autosenses when wearing helmet)

    Killing Strike (In All Out Attacks, can make a fate point before rolling to make it impossible to dodge or parry)

    Mighty Shot (+2 damage with ranged weapons)

    Nerves of Steel (Reroll Wp tests to avoid or recover from pinning)

    Quick Draw (Ready as a free action with pistol, basic or one handed melee weapons)

    Rapid Reload(Halve all reload times rounding down)

    Resistance (Psychic Powers) (+10 to tests to resist the effects of psychic powers)

    Siegecraft (With time to prepare the battlefield (1d5 hrs at minimum), may improve the armour points of a piece of cover by 4 (IntB). At the GM’s discretion, this effect may apply to a number of pieces of cover equal to the Space Marine’s Rank. The effects of this Talent cannot be applied more than once to any piece of cover, and the effects are permanent.)

    Signature Wargear

    Sound Constitution

    True Grit (Halve the results of critical damage)

    Unarmed Master (The character’s unarmed combat attacks do 1d10 + Strength Bonus in Impact Damage, and these attacks no longer have the Primitive quality.)

    Unarmed Warrior

    Spoiler: Wargear

    Astartes power armour (mk.7) (AP 10 body, AP 8 otherwise)
    Astartes bolter with fire selector
    1 clip of Kraken (requisitioned as Tactical Marine)
    Astartes bolt pistol
    Chainsword with Dipole Maglock (10pts - taken through Signature Wargear)
    3 Astartes frag grenades
    3 Astartes krak grenades
    Astartes combat knife
    Repair cement
    Ossific Relic (+3 WS when fighting Chaos Marines)
    Best craft bionic left arm
    Best craft bionic right eye

    Power Armour Abilities
    History: Blood of the Enemy (Fear 1)

    Spoiler: See Core p.161

    Enhanced Strength:+20 Str in power armour. Bonus to StrB is calculated after Unnatural Strength

    Auto Senses: (Gain Dark Sight and extra +10 to hearing and sight related tests when wearing the helmet, immunity to stun and photon flash grenades, can make Called Shots as a half action)

    Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer:Oxegen supply as long as the armour is powered

    Bio-monitor and Injectors:+10 to Tests resisting the Toxic Quality and similar poison effects. The pain suppressor reservoir has a total of 6 doses, each of which can be used to ignore Critical Effects for 1d10 rounds. The doses may be used in succession or staggered. If the wearer is Stunned, the effect lasts a maximum of one Round before the bio-monitor detects and negates it.

    Vox Link: Serves as a standard vox and a channel for any more sophisticated data transmissions the suit or its wearer can access. The bio-monitor feed also
    transmits through this link, permitting a squad to view each others’ vitals.

    Magnetized Boot Soles: Can be activated to provide the equivalent of Magboots.

    Nutrient Recycling: Filters in the armour capture and purify body waste, re-constituting it into a nutrient solution that is intravenously returned to the body. This can sustain a Battle-Brother for long periods of time, but not indefinitely. For every two weeks that no other source of nutrition is ingested, make a Toughness Test or suffer one level of Fatigue until nutrition is consumed. The Difficulty of this test increases one step for every two weeks that passes without food or Preomnor-derived sustenance.

    Recoil Suppression: Provides the ability to fire Basic weapons one-handed. Ranged weapons not classed as Pistols still may not be used in Close Combat.

    Giant Among Men: A Space Marine in power armour is Hulking. This increases his Base Movement by 1; however, the grace afforded by his Black Carapace negates the modifier enemies would otherwise have to attack him. See page 134 for the full effects of Size. He still suffers the
    usual penalties to Concealment and Silent Move for being heavily armoured.

    Poor Manual Dexterity: While protective, armoured gloves are not ideal for fine manipulation. Delicate tasks suffer a –10 penalty unless using equipment designed for Space Marines. Similarly, ranged weapons other than those of Astartes design are too small for an armoured Battle-Brother to wield at all.
    Assuming power armour is a sacred ritual, honouring the machine spirit’s history of valiant deeds and praying for its boons in the battles to come. It takes 20 minutes to remove or don power armour un-aided, but never less than 5 minutes no matter the amount of assistance as the proper rites must be observed.

    Damaging Power Armour:If the wearer takes Critical Damage to the Body from behind, consult the Power Unit Critical Effects chart (in addition to normal Critical Effects). The problems continue until the unit can be repaired with a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test.

    Requisitioned Wargear (Updated)
    Dataslate (5)
    Incendiary Grenade (15)
    Red-dot sight (10)
    Charm (6)
    Astartes Grapnel (3)
    2 clips of Kraken (30)
    Combat Webbing - clip pouch (3)
    Magnoculars (3)
    Missile Launcher (10)
    Vox-caster (10)
    Orbital Surveillance (15)

    110 req spent

    Requisition List (Shell Game)
    Flamer (10)
    EMP Grenade (30)
    Blind Grenade (10)
    Red Dot Laser Sight (10)
    Metal Storm Clip (15)
    Cluster Mines (5)
    Demo Charge (10)
    Bulkhead Shears (17)
    Restraints (10)

    117 Req spent

    Spoiler: Traits etc

    Solo Modes
    Burst of Speed
    Feat of Strength
    Righteous Zeal

    Squad Modes
    Holy Vengeance
    Armour of Faith

    Bolter Mastery
    The Tactical Marine gains a +10 bonus to all Ballistic Skill Tests and +2 to Damage when firing a Bolt weapon. This ability only functions in Solo Mode.

    Unnatural Strength

    Unnatural Toughness

    Space Marine Implants
    Imperial Fist Geneseed: No spitting acid or suspended animation
    Spoiler: See Core 36-37

    Larraman’s Organ: Space Marines do not normally suffer from Blood Loss (see page 260). In addition, the Space Marine gains the True Grit Talent. However,
    attacks with the Warp Weapon Quality (see page 136) may still inflict Blood Loss as normal.

    Catalepsean Node: A Space Marine suffers no penalties to Perception-based Tests (such as Awareness) when awake for long periods of time.

    Preomnor: The Space Marine gains a +20 bonus to any Toughness Test against ingested poisons.

    Omophagea: By devouring a portion of an enemy, a Space Marine can gain access to certain information (such as the whereabouts of a cult’s hidden lair, access codes, and so forth). The information he can access is at the GM’s discretion, keeping in mind what may have been known by the enemy in the first place. In
    addition, a Space Marine can temporarily gain access to a Skill or Skill Group (such as Pilot, Lore, Ciphers, and so forth) that he did not already possess. The Skills
    he may gain are at the GM’s discretion, depending on the Skills originally possessed by the enemy. The Space Marine may access this acquired Skill or Skill Group as
    an untrained Basic Skill for a number of hours equal to his Intelligence Bonus. After this time, the information begins to fade and the Skill is no longer useable by the
    Space Marine (until he devours another portion of an enemy, of course).

    Multi-lung: The Space Marine may re-roll any failed Toughness Tests for drowning or asphyxiation (see page 261). In addition, the Space Marine gains a +30 bonus to Toughness Tests made to resist the effects of gases, and may re-roll failed results. The Space Marine may also breathe water through his multi-lung.

    Melanchromic Organ: This organ has no in-game effect besides contributing to the Space Marine’s Unnatural Toughness (x2) Trait. At the GM’s discretion,
    the Space Marine may ignore or be resistant to exposure to radiation, depending on the severity.

    Oolitic Kidney: This implant gives the Space Marine the ability to re-roll any failed Toughness Test to resist poisons and toxins, including attacks with the
    Toxic Quality.

    Neuroglottis: The Space Marine may detect any poison or toxins by taste with a successful Challenging (+0) Awareness Test. He may also detect poisons or toxins by smell with a successful Hard (–20) Awareness Test. The Space Marine gains the Tracking Skill as a basic trained Skill, and may (at the GM’s discretion) gain a +10 bonus to any Tracking Tests against an opponent he has tasted.

    Mucranoid: The Space Marine may re-roll any failed Toughness Tests caused by temperature extremes, such as desert heat or the cold of outer space.

    Progenoids: See page 271 for more information on the benefits of retrieving a Space Marine’s progenoids. Removing a Space Marine’s progenoids requires a
    Difficult (–10) Medicae Test. This Test becomes Arduous (–40) if performed without the narthecium (see page 173), and adds 2 Rounds to the time required. Taking out the progenoids takes 1 Round, adding 1 Round for every Degree of Failure on the Medicae Test. Space Marines go to great lengths to recover a fallen Battle-Brother’s gene-seed, and the GM may require a Willpower Test to leave the progenoids behind.

    Black Carapace: This implant gives the Space Marine exceptional control over his power armour. Although a Space Marine in power armour has the Size (Hulking) Trait, his enemies gain no bonus to hit him thanks to the Black Carapace.

    Spoiler: Experience

    Signature Wargear (500)
    Trade (Remembrancer) (600)

    Tactics (Armour) (100)
    Tactics (Defence) (100)
    Tactics (Assault) +10 (100)
    Forbidden Lore (Traitor Legions) +20 (300)
    Siegecraft (500)
    Hatred (Traitor Legions) (300)

    Common Lore (Jericho Reach) (400)

    Double Team (200)
    Rapid Reload (200)
    +5 Wp (200)
    +5 BS (500)

    Price of Victory (Free)

    +5 Int (500)
    Sound Constitution 1 (500)
    Mighty Shot (500)
    Demolition (400)
    Tactics (Recon and Stealth) (100)

    6000xp spent total

    Spoiler: Background

    Spoiler: Description

    Aldwin received significant wounds in battle against the Tyranids. The right side of his face is heavily scarred and now includes a bionic eye. His left arm is also bionic. When away from the Watch Fortress, Aldwin wears a suit of mark 7 power armour that has been altered to fit his new augmentations. It is unadorned except for a an icon of the Cadian gate on his pauldron. His armour still bears the marks of dried blood that was gained by a previous owner of the armour during a long ago massacre of a successionist planetary governor and his household.

    Aldwin is a former underhiver from Avellorn in the Segmentum Solar who was taken by the Subjugators recruitment dragnet some 100 years ago. He is a grim and insular man, and is much given to brooding on his own perceived failures. Prior to the Achilus Crusade, his largest campaigns took place around the Eye of Terror and he is marked still by the battles there against the Iron Warriors in the Leng sector. There he lost many brothers including the one whose bones he still carries to this day. Since then he has driven himself to improve as a warrior in order to be better prepared to do his duty.

    While the Subjugators are primarily involved with the defence of Segmentums Solar and Obscurus, their commanders consider it a matter of honour to contribute marines to other wars all over the Imperium. From the beginning of the Achilus Crusade, a single squad from the chapter was part of the Astartes Crusader Company that was assigned to guard the banner of the crusade on the battlefield. Since that time, many of these marines have fallen in battle, while others have been recalled to service with the rest of their chapter. Yet the crusade continues without any end in sight, and so new Subjugators have been sent to the Jericho Reach to fulfill the oaths that were made to Tiber Achilus decades before.

    For the last few years Aldwin has fought as a member of this company. For his service against the Archenemy he was judged worthy to represent the Subjugators away from his chapter’s supervision. Yet this service would not last very long. On the ongoing battlefield of Hethguard, the Crusader Company was cut off from support as the lines of the Imperial Guard were broken by Tyranid bio-organisims. For most of a day they were trapped in a rapidly tightening pocket with the banner held at the centre. When the counter-attack finally relieved them, Aldwin was found holding the crusade banner, having retrieved it from its fallen bearer. He had received many terrible wounds in defence of it, but had kept it aloft. Soon after the Deathwatch asked the Subjugators to give Aldwin to them.

    Since the Deathwatch fixed him up with bionics, Aldwin has been at Erioch getting used to his new duties. As he had served with the Crusaders, he is not unused to dealing with other Astartes, even those who fall below the high standards set by the Sons of Dorn. In theory the Deathwatch includes some of the finest warriors in the Imperium, but all in their own way have their limitations. Only from their deeds may they be judged, and until Aldwin has seen them in battle, he can not entirely trust them. For the honour of the Subjugators though, Aldwin is bound to obey the commanders of the Deathwatch and to remain in the Jericho Reach until his term of service is up. Until he may return to his chapter, Aldwin will try to keep his misgivings to himself, and will focus on spilling the blood of the Emperor’s enemies. Ultimately, he needs to do little else to prove himself.

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