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    The Riverman

    Alias: The Rower, Fiend that Walks, The Celtic-Bear, He Who Wades

    Gender: Beyond such trivialities, though he is fairly masculine.

    Race/Species: Demonic Water Spirit

    Age: Been too long to count

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Class/Profession: Demon 25, Boatman 5?

    Power Rating: Out of water, "he's" an A. If you fight him in water, S-

    Personality: Pretty laid back. Occasionally he'll make deals with mortals, and occasionally he'll kill mortals, but mostly he'll just offer his services to get from one point of the stream to the other. Be that stream literal or figurative is up to "him"

    Equipment: Cosmic Canoe (Can row just about anywhere), cowled blue robes, Magical Paddle (acts as a "wizard's staff" if a focus of power is needed).

    Abilities:(In water):
    1) Complete mastery of water
    2) Epic Level magic
    3) Immunity to damage
    4) Immense Strength

    (Out of Water)
    1) Complete mastery over water
    2) Major Magical talent
    3) Resistance to damage
    4) Pretty strong

    (Regardless of water)
    1) Immensely wise
    2) Aura of fear (can turn it off if "he" wants)
    3) Immortality (As long as there is water in the Nexus, he cannot die. He can be destroyed, but he will reform)

    Backstory: The Nexus has been developing for quite some time now. The etheric energies keeping such an anomaly of space intact are bound to split into personalities at some point. Technically The Riverman (the Rower, the Fiend That Walks, The Celtic-Bear, or He Who Wades doesn't really care what you call him) has been in the Nexus all along, but he has chosen this moment to show "himself" to the world. His goals aren't that clear, though one thing is for certain: this creature is dangerous. Who knows what it can do if left unchecked...

    What he looks like: An eight foot tall man in cowled blue robes standing on a white canoe. In his left hand is a paddle, and he beckons to you with his right. His hands are gloved with gray silk, and the closer you get you start to notice his eyes glow red.

    Miscellaneous: Xavouir does not know this, but The Riverman is his father.
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