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    ISD Panthac
    - a battle hardened and veteran star destroyer
    - Crew
    -HQ- Command Staff (The admiral's fleet control staff)
    -HQ- Battle Staff (the staff that runs the ship in combat)
    --- Engines
    --- Weapons
    --- Life Support
    --- Counterintelligence (ISB)
    --- Crew Services (Political (COMPNOR), medical, administrative, sustainment, laundry, cooks, etc...)

    - 420th Strike Wing
    - the ship's fighter detachment
    -HQ- Wing Headquarters
    --- Blood Squadron (12x TIE fighters)

    --- Bone Squadron (12x TIE fighters)
    --- Bile Squadron (12x TIE fighters)
    --- Knife Squadron (10x TIE Interceptors) (2x interceptors lost in the battle for Mustafar)
    --- Dagger Squadron
    (12x TIE Interceptors)
    --- Hammer Squadron (12x TIE Bombers)
    - 9th Support Wing - the ship's support vessel forces
    -HQ- Wing Headquarters
    --- Duke Okhrana (Imperial landing Craft)
    --- Duchess Orlov
    (Imperial Landing Craft, optimized for the 101st legion main command post)
    --- 323rd Transportation Squadron (8x Lambdas)

    101st Stormtrooper Legion
    - an understrength Stormtrooper legion with two regiments and a heavy support squadron.
    -HQ- Legion Headquarters
    - 502nd Stormtrooper Regiment
    -HQ- Regiment Headquarters
    --- 1st Battalion
    --- 2nd Battalion
    --- 3rd Battalion
    --- 4th Battalion
    --- Weapons Company (spacetroopers)

    - 506th Stormtrooper Regiment -
    a stormtrooper regiment full of relatively new replacements
    -HQ- Regiment Headquarters
    --- 1st Battalion
    --- 2nd Battalion
    --- 3rd Battalion
    --- 4th Battalion

    --- Weapons Company (spacetroopers)
    - 401st Armored Squadron

    7th SPECNAV Group
    - an Imperial Special operations group commanded by Captain Kano
    - 4-7th SPECNAV Transportation Squadron - 4x heavily customized thetas

    Unorganized Forces
    - One Rebel Space Station
    - 12 X-Wing Fighters
    - 24 B-Wing Bombers
    - 12 Gozanti Cruisers
    - 4 Medium Transports
    - 1 MedStar Frigate
    - 1 YT-1300 Transport

    Spoiler: Headquarters
    Each entry marked with an -HQ indicates that the unit has a staff for its commander. A staff includes the following sections, and mostly focuses on administration.
    - Administrative (personnel support & medical)
    - Intelligence (analysis, not collection)
    - Operations (the guys who come up with day to day tasks)
    - Logistics (support requirements, maintenance)
    - Plans
    - Communication

    Assume each staff is about ~100 people, including 25 officers and 75 enlisted.
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