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Since the music is so heavily juffled, every door is basically a gamble. So Strawberry just knocks on the nearest one. The music inside stops, and shortly after a man opens the door. His gangly arms, legs, fingers and neck are all about twice as long as a normal human's, he's got a huge, toothy grin and a greasy pompadour. Behind him stands a girl who would be absolutely generic, if she didn't have the manliest action hero face in a two-mile radius. Ah, the many shapes of humans.
"Umm... Sorry for interrupting like this, but... your music sounded really good in the hallway, so, could we maybe listen a bit? If it's not a bother?"
"Oh, of course you two can listen, dearie!" the man says. "Come right in! We're kickin' some sweet, classic tunes."
Presumably, Grace pushes Strawberry and herself into the rather small room.
"Please close the door, dearie."
If nothing stops the two musicians, the man will seat himself at the electric organ and the girl picks up her electric violin. They begin to play a tune. Sounds good, but probably not better than what living musicians with non-heavenly instruments could produce.
Because Strawberry has proper music manners, she won't say anything until the piece is finished.

Grace does, indeed, take them both into the room, and even closes the door behind them! She also waits for the tune to finish, but lets Strawberry make the first comment, as she was the one that really really wanted to come visit, and it'd be rude to interrupt.

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Naku's Clearing

Jasmine, after the hug, puts her hands in her pockets and frowns. This wasn't there before?

She takes out an envelope, much like the one the first letter was sent in, and says: It's... I think it's for you. No wait, there's something written here.

To Hope Herself

Jasmine drops the note in obvious fear.
Naku's Clearing

"Huh." Naku says, picking up the letter. Unless, of course, she cannot. The rest of the actions are done assuming she can pick it up.
"Well that's odd." She comments, attempting to open up the letter, and read it, blatantly ignoring that it's addressed to Civvy.

Naku's starting to get real tired of today, and her patience is running thin.