After uncrumpling the paper, it is quite easy to read. The handwriting is very regular and predictable. It reads:

Dear Princess Aubk'i of Urvaius,

First off, I apologize. I could not tell you about the extraction without also telling Problem, as he sees and hears everything you see or hear. If I had let you know, he would have spoiled it. As to who "Problem" is... well, you know. The one that took you over for most of yesterday. He won't be able to control you in the belly of the beast, nor where I've got it taking you; I've arranged to Hallow them both, and that will stop him from taking over again... which is also the key to stopping him permanently. I have a way for you to live your life... even though it won't be precisely your life... but again, that's something best discussed in person. I will see you soon.