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    Spoiler: Op Awards

    Iron Chef:
    XL: The Cockroach -- Silver
    XLVII: Judge Bitterbeard of the Non-Seelie Court -- Gold
    LI: Sonny Blaze -- Bronze (Tied)
    LX: Maenigo Antoya -- Gold
    LXIII: Vedo D'Nigh -- Gold
    LXXVIII: Voci Causam -- Silver (Tied)
    LXXIX: Wee Sal the Weasel -- Silver
    LXXX: Who'dat Agin -- Silver
    LXXXV: The Quiet One -- Gold
    LXXXVII: Darkshot Shadowmover -- Silver
    XC: Earl N. Meyer -- Bronze

    Honorable Mention:
    XLII: Mortumdal (5th)
    LVIII: Anh the Houseless (4th)

    Junkyard Wars:
    IV: Briar Rose...or...Weeping Beauty (GOLD)
    VI: Bael-Ver (The Guardian of Peace) (SILVER)
    VII: The Bump in the Night (GOLD)
    X: Squid-boy Sam (BRONZE - TIED)
    XVIII: Jude Devilblight (GOLD)
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    Spoiler: Op Awards