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I have Megs facebook if you need to contact her

Also I have tons of stuff there not backed up that I intended to post here that I could use help on!
Bhu, if you could reach out to Prime (he's the tech person for our end) - easiest way is IRC at #mmxgeneral on irc.Rizon.net.

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Do you think this calls for another thread index? And, do you, Meg, or Prime have a timeframe on how long we have until the old sites are gone?
Yes, another thread index would help immensely for backing up material. For the moment, mirror here. There is a new forum where we intended to put the MMX data, but for the moment I would recommend using GitP over it. There's a decision to be made about whether it's even worth attempting to resurrect the MMX community without any of the forum information.

As for timeline, uncertain - the little we know is that the hosting service for BG/MMX has suspended the account. Whether they give a month, a quarter, or longer to resume paying is entirely unknown. Bluntly, grab everything ASAP, MMX may be dead.

Areas to focus on (imo): Handbooks and Homebrew. There's a lot of good content over there (SirP, Bhu, etc.) as well as handbooks that have migrated from 309 to BG to MMX.