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    Exclamation Index of Minmax/ Brilliant Gameologists Threads

    Update (June 30): The Sorcerers of the West Ocean have worked their magicks to return the old Minmax content to life!

    The new MinMax Forums now have all the old content from the old boards. HOWEVER! We do not have any guarantees of the Brilliant Gameologists content. If you have anything from BG that never got ported to Minmax, we still need to save it. There's also no harm in having additional mirrors of any content, too.

    Spoiler: instructions
    Alright folks, it's that time again. Minmax and Brilliant Gameologists are offline, possibly indefinitely. Let's all chip in and mirror or archive as much as we can.

    There's two ways to help here.

    1. Post the URLs of pages that are worth saving.
    Check your browser history, your bookmarks, your auto-complete data. Post the URL in this thread.

    2. Backup pages.
    Use your own URLs or those that others have shared to create archives of the content.

    This could be via the Wayback Machine, Google Cache, or other search engines. Cached pages may not remain forever; please prioritise making wayback copies.

    3. Mirror pages.
    Copy and paste the thread. Post it on the new MinMax Forums, GitP or Google Docs (enable sharing). If all we have is a [cache] version, this step is imperative.

    An HTML-to-BBCode converter can make preserving formatting easier. If you create a copy, please do add the name of the original author and original date at the top of the post, as well as a link back to this thread.

    Threads recommended to be saved:
    <word count exceeded; see post #9>

    Threads that have already been saved:
    Class Handbooks
    +1 BAB and +1 Caster Level or +1 Manifester Level at PrC Level 1 [cache discussion] [wayback] [drive]
    Absolute Guide to Cleric Prestige Classes [wayback] [drive]
    A Quick Guide to the Ruby Knight Vindicator [wayback] [drive]
    Arcane Duelist Handbook[drive]
    Archery Handbook [wayback] [drive]
    Archivist Handbook v2[wayback]
    Ardent Handbook [wayback] [drive]
    Assassin's Handbook [wayback]
    Bard's Handbook [blogspot] [wayback] [drive]
    Binder Handbook: Let's Make a Deal [wayback] [drive]
    Chameleon Handbook [wayback] [drive]
    Cleric Handbook [wayback] [drive]
    Compiled Shadowcaster Handbook V2 [cache]
    darthstabber's handy gestalt handbook [cache discussion] [wayback]
    Dipping Cleric 1 [wayback] [drive]
    Druid Handbook [drive] [wayback]
    Duskblade's Handbook [blogspot]
    Erudite Handbook [wayback] [drive]
    Factotum Handbook [wayback] [drive]
    Guide to Sovereign Speakers and Other Domain Users [wayback]
    Incarnate Handbook [wayback]
    K's Revised Necromancer Handbook [Rule of Cool]
    Mastering the Malconvoker [wayback] [MMF]
    Monk Handbook [cache]
    Monk Optimization 3.5 [cache]
    Guide to Monks [wayback]
    Psion Handbook [wayback] [wayback]
    Quintessential Ninja Handbook [wayback] [wayback discussion]
    Red Wizard's Handbook [wayback]
    Sha'ir Handbook [cache discussion] [wayback] [wayback discussion]
    Shadowcraft Mage Handbook [drive]
    Shugenja Handbook [wayback]
    Solo's Stupendously Superior Sorcerer Stratagems [GitP]
    Sovereign Speaker 101 [wayback]
    Spellguards of Silverymoon: The Fast Casters [cache]
    Swiftblade Handbook [drive]
    Swift Hunter's Handbook [wayback]
    Treantmonk's Guide to God 3.5 Edition [drive] [wayback] [wayback 2] [EN World]
    Unofficial Artificer Player's Guide 3.0 [wayback] [drive] [wayback 2]
    War Weaver's Handbook, Black Tactica Edition [cache discussion] [wayback]
    Way of Wushu - monk tips and tricks [cache]
    Warlock Information Compendium [wayback]
    Dragonfire Adept Handbook [wayback]
    Pathfinder Witch Handbook [wayback]
    Marvelous Marshal Handbook [wayback]
    Warmages: Play them the right way or not at all [wayback]
    Spirit Shaman handbook [wayback]
    Arcane Duelist Handbook [wayback]
    Warlocks are too anime and overpowered [EN World]
    CO help, how do you make a bard good? [cache]
    Consolidated Barbarian Handbook [wayback]
    Beguiler's Handbook [wayback]
    Logic Ninja's Guide to Wizards: Being Batman [wayback] [GitP]
    Ranger's Handbook 3.5 [wayback] [blogspot]
    Warblade Handbook [wayback]
    Totemist Handbook [wayback]
    JoshuaD's New Bard Handbook [joshuad]
    Mysic Ranger Handbook [cache]
    Dread Necromancer Advanced Learning Handbook [cache]
    Ninja Handbook [MMF]

    Anti-Antimagic: How to Cast in an Area Where Magic Won't Normally Function! [wayback]
    Caster Level Loops and You [wayback]
    Complete Cost Reduction Handbook [drive] [wayback] [wayback 2]
    Divine Magician Spells [wayback]
    Full Spell List [wayback]
    Greenbound and Rashemi Elemental Summoning Handbook [cache discussion] [wayback]
    Greenbound SNA Summonlings List v1.4 [GitP]
    Juju Mastery II [cache]
    List of Persistable Divine Spells up to 6th Level [wayback]
    List of Save or be Screwed Spells [drive]
    LOES: Spamming and Summoning Elementals From Level 1 [wayback]
    Magic Missile Optimization [wayback]
    Making Your Own Astral Construct Power Armor [cache]
    Metamagic and You: A Thesis [wayback]
    No nonsense guide to Psionics [drive]
    Practical Demonkeeping (A Summoner’s Guide to the Lower Planes) [wayback]
    Psionic Tricks Handbook [wayback]
    Recharge Magic Handbook [cache]
    Rising Above (A Summoner's Guide to the Upper Planes) [GitP]
    Shadowcraft Mage Spellbook [drive] [wayback]
    Summoning Handbook [GitP] [wayback]
    Ways to Expand a Spell List (III) [wayback]
    Handbook of No To-Hit, No Save, No SR effects [wayback]
    Bargain Bin spells for Artificers [wayback]
    Top 10 divine Persistable spells by level [wayback]
    Top 10 arcane persistable spells by level [wayback]
    Spells that save you from taking feats or investing skill points? [cache]
    A-List: The Wizard's Best Spells For Every Situation [wayback]

    Class Features, Feats
    Affliations and Magical Locations Handbook [cache]
    A Player's Guide to Dragonmarks [wayback]
    Astral Construct Resources and Guide [cache]
    Brain Power: A Mind Mage Handbook [cache]
    Breaking Down Inspire Courage, Handbook Edition [cache discussion] [wayback]
    Caster Classes Index [wayback]
    One Stop Shop [MMF]
    Divine Magician Handbook [wayback]
    Dragon Magazine Alternate Class Features [wayback]
    Evasion Index [cache]
    Gish Handbook [wayback]
    Goofy Theme Optimization: The Shadowcraft Cookie [cache]
    Handbook of the Exotic Practice of Feat Binding [wayback] [discussion]
    Jack's Junk [wayback]
    Lists of Stuff [GitP] [wayback]
    Mettle Index [wayback]
    Mount Handbook [wayback] [wayback 2]
    Natural Weapons and You: A Mini-Guide [wayback]
    Pathfinder Guide to Overpowered Feats: The Trial of Owen KC Stephens [cache]
    Sneak Attacking Spellcasters [wayback]
    Sources of Bonuses to Ability Scores [wayback]
    Teamwork Benefits [wayback]
    The Utility of Tome of Battle Maneuvers & Stances Handbook [cache]
    Tome of Battle for Dummies [wayback]
    Tome of Battle for Dummies v2 [cache]
    Tripping Handbook [wayback]
    Uncle Kitty's Guide to Template Based Shenanigans [wayback]
    Hulkamania is runnin' wild (a grappling handbook) [wayback]
    Quick, Nobody Move! The Lockdown Handbook [wayback]
    Speed Handbook [wayback]
    Spartan Handbook [wayback]
    Alternate Class Features [GitP]
    Monster Grappling Fully Explained [GitP]
    Collection of Necromantic Oddities [wayback]
    Power of Cybernetics [wayback]
    Swordmage Handbook [wayback]
    Naberius: Sacking your stats for fun and profit [wayback]
    Ridiculous Cohort Shenanigans [wayback]
    PlzBreakMyCampaign Thread & Build Compendium [wayback]
    Getting the most out of your familiar [wayback]
    Optimized Initiative Compilation [cache]
    Dipping Mini-Handbook [cache] [cache discussion]
    Consolidated Lycanthropy Guide [MMF] [wayback]
    Backstabbers Handbook Gestalt [drive]
    Zeroficer Guide [drive]

    Armor and Weaponry Handbook [wayback]
    Arsenic and Old Lace: The Poison Handbook [wayback]
    Bunko's Bargain Basement Reopened (2.0) [wayback]
    Bunko's Bargain Basement (3.0) [cache][drive]
    Complete Graft Handbook [wayback]
    Complete MacGuyver [wayback] [wayback]
    Complete Shopping List [blogspot]
    Ink on the Mind: A Guide to Psionic Tattoos [MMF]
    Mechonomicon [Mythweavers] [drive] [GitP]
    Morph Ball: A potentially humerous trick [wayback]
    Sand Blaster [cache]
    The Definitive Guide to Wands[wayback]
    Utility Belt [wayback] [drive]
    Eberron Airship Handbook [wayback]
    The Stronghold Handbook [cache]
    Papyrus and Ink: A Player's Guide to Scrolls for the Aspiring Spell Scribe [cache]
    Weapon & Armor Information [wayback]
    Building a Weapon of Legacy, for dummies [wayback]

    Alternative Ways to get Class Skills [GitP]
    Handle Animal Guide [cache discussion] [wayback]
    Iaijutsu Focus Guide [cache]
    Skill Handbook [cache]

    A Guide to Free D&D [wayback]
    A Guide to Proper Scouting [cache]
    Base Class Reference and Tier Information [wayback]
    Dirty Trick Handbook [wayback]
    Dirty Trick Handbook II [wayback]
    Encyclopedia Vinculum Draconis [wayback]
    Oberoni Fallacy [wayback]
    Optimization by the Numbers [wayback]
    PBMC Meta-Compendiums (including 3e fully fixed) [cache]
    Possible Newcomer Handbook Project [wayback]
    Psionic Tricks Handbook: Brainstorms [cache]
    Rebuilding Handbook: "Better... Stronger... Faster"[cache]
    Seven Facets of Character Optimization [cache]
    Tier System for Classes [wayback]
    Tier System for Prestige Classes [wayback]
    Useful Dragon Magazine Stuff [cache]
    Useful Dungeon Magazine Finds [cache]
    What Endarire's Been Up To 1 7 14 [cache]
    What is Endarire up to? [wayback]
    Why Each Class is in its Tier [wayback]
    X Stat to Y Bonus [cache]
    Brilliant Gameologists webcrawl 1 [wayback]
    Minmax webcrawl 2 [wayback]
    Minmax webcrawl 1 [wayback]
    D&D Timeline [cache]
    CO Humor - I have Two Cows and ... [cache]
    Pardon the Interruption - a Guide to Immediate Actions [wayback]
    Mini-Handbook of AoO and IA: Acting out of turn [wayback]
    The Tsuyo RegionalDex [cache]
    World Records [wayback]
    100^10 Optimization Challenge [wayback]
    Kingdoms of Kalamar And Your Thoughts [cache]
    Kingdoms of Kalamar Goodies [cache]
    Tier System for Templates [wayback]
    E6 Handbook [cache]
    E6 PrC System & Handbook [wayback]
    Power's Tier List for Pathfinder [MMF]

    3.5 Psion Buildguide and Compendium [cache]
    Build 3: World Record Rebuke and Command Undead [wayback]
    Build 9: A Full CoDzilla [wayback]
    Compilation of Low-Level Builds [wayback] [wayback 2]
    Enervating Buffer - The Wizard who Couples Necromancy and Group Buffs [cache]
    Fun, Powerful Sorcerer (FPS) seeks critique! [cache]
    Hi, Welcome [cache]
    How To: Full Wizard Casting and 16.5 BAB! [cache]
    KSB Snow Owl's Archer Build Thread [cache]
    Little Red Raiding Hood: My Tale of & Guide to the 3.5 Dragoon [cache]
    Fistbeard Beardfist [cache]
    Pun Pun's Stats [wayback]
    The Mindslayer [wayback]
    Tiny Von BigMcLargeHuge [wayback]
    Idiot Crusader [wayback]
    Chuck E Cheese [wayback]
    A Fun way to say "F*** You" [wayback]
    Matrix Monk [wayback]
    Core-only Wizard20 vs a Splatbook-Enabled Fighter20 - Lycanthromancer's Duel [cache]

    Creatures, Races
    3.5 Forms for Alter Self [wayback]
    Alter Self Handbook discussion thread [cache]
    Becoming the Beast - A Shifter Player's Guide [cache]
    Breaking Polymorph, Totally Serious [cache]
    EVEN MORE Complete Polymorph Thread 3.5 [cache]
    Fiendform Spell - Optimal Forms for the Ex, Su & Sp Abilities! [cache]
    Glorious CHOKER HANDBOOK wayback]
    Good Alter Self forms for a Necropolitan [cache]
    Master LA +0 Race List [wayback] [drive]
    Monsters with Innate Spellcasting [wayback]
    Player Race List with LA +1 and LA +2 [cache]
    Shapechange (sanity limits, good core forms, etc...) [cache]
    Supernatural Ability List [wayback]
    Template List [cache]
    Warforged Alter Self Forms and uses [cache]
    Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange [wayback]
    Being Ra's al Ghul-Oslecamo's guide for DMs to improve their monsters [wayback]
    Maximizing the utility of Alter Self [cache]
    Skeletal Minion Variant Optimization [cache]
    UrPriest's Monstrous Monster Handbook [wayback]

    <word count exceeded; see post #18>

    4e Stuff
    <word count exceeded; see post #18>

    5e Stuff
    <word count exceeded; see post #18>

    Completed Backups:
    <word count exceeded; see post #18>

    Threads on other sites about the effort:
    <word count exceeded; see post #18>
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