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    Default Re: Index of Minmax/ Brilliant Gameologists Threads

    <continued from OP>

    Threads that have already been saved:
    Dirty Trick Handbook Fixes [wayback]
    LA for LA:-- Templates [wayback]
    Libertad's Planar Revision Project Homebrew [EN World]
    Oslecamo's Monster Classes [wayback] [MMF]
    Purple Mage Heretic and Cosmic Mind [MMF]
    Taste of Power Alpha: Endarire's Overhaul of 3.5 [cache]
    Tome of Battle Errata (Complete) Homebrew [cache]
    Aetherforge [cache]
    Astronomer [cache]
    Carrionwalker [cache]
    Cyclewarden [cache]
    Dread Warden [cache]
    Extractor [cache]
    Ley Engineer [cache]
    Nullblade [cache]
    Shadowcaster [cache]
    Sublime Rogue [cache]
    Thaumurai [cache]
    Wardancer [cache]
    Warpsoul [cache]
    Cat Celebrant [cache]
    Eternal Royal+Border of Life school [cache]
    Gate Guard [wayback]
    Moon Agent+Misteryous Millenium school [cache]
    Moon Vanguard [cache]
    Mythical Maid class +Lunar Dial School [cache]
    Oni Brawler base class and Drunken Demon school, and Marvelous Mt. Ooe school [cache]
    Ordinary Magician base class and Love-Coloured Magic school [cache]
    Scholar base class+Plain History ToB school [wayback]
    Shrine Maiden [cache]
    Youkai Magician [cache]
    Lunatic Lancer PrC [cache]
    Purple Mage Heretic PrC and Cosmic Mind school [cache]
    Yama Prc + Fate of 60 Years School [cache]
    Ancient Temple school [cache]
    Chinese Star school [wayback]
    Corpse Voyage school [cache]
    Crystallized Silver school [cache]
    Deaf To All But The Song school [cache]
    Doll Judgement school [cache]
    Carrionette and Needle Fighter [cache]
    Paragon [cache]
    Dream Battle school [cache]
    Immortal Smoke school [wayback]
    Lunatic Princess school [wayback]
    Riverside View school [cache]
    Septette for the Dead school [wayback]
    Sky ruin school [wayback]
    Venerable Battlefield school [cache]
    Forbidden Schools [cache]
    Kourindou's Shop [cache]
    Races [cache]
    Symposium of Feats [cache]
    Taint overhaul [cache]
    Pure Crafting [cache]
    Pegasus Knight PrC [cache]
    Breath of Fire Discipline [cache]
    Nytemare's PHB Rewrites: Spell Schools [cache]
    Severing Limbs in Combat [GitP]
    T5* Subforum [wayback]
    Divine Flame School [wayback]
    Akashic core mechanic, feats, and skills[wayback]

    4e Stuff
    Howling Warrens ... how gygaxian a DM do you wanna be? [wayback]
    Using Any Ability Score for an Arcane At-Will [wayback]
    Converting 3.x to 4e [wayback]
    The Tarrasque, Epic Destinies, and You [cache]

    5e Stuff
    Familiar Handbook [wayback]

    Completed Backups:
    The WotC threads backup
    Compleat Cleric Sources Cited
    Secrets of the Archmages a mirror of the now-defunct WotC boards
    Rule of Cool general discussion
    Rule of Cool handbooks backup
    PlzBreakMyCampaign's Metacompendium contains most handbooks
    GitHub dump of the entire waybacked MinMaxBoards
    GitHub dump of the entire waybacked Brilliant Gameologists
    2013 Backup of entire Brilliant Gameologists (better when used with Firefox extension "ScrapBook")
    DonQuixote's Homebrew

    Threads on other sites about the effort:
    EN World 5e forum
    EN World older D&D forum
    The Gaming Den
    IRC: #mmxgeneral @ Rizon.net
    GitP 5e
    New Minmax Forums
    Reddit r/DnD
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