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    Take a step back, and look at what kind of nonsense 3.5 charop can produce.

    Quote Originally Posted by "Difference between Batman and God" thread
    Can someone explain the philosophical and practical differences between these two wizards?
    Quote Originally Posted by Lagren
    Stuffing a swarm of enrapturing insects inside yourself is a neat trick. (+0.5)
    Quote Originally Posted by RaiKirah
    If the height is unconstrained, then this math changes and you get a tower of pig approximately 5986 high.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Adventurer
    Hmm, in fact, in this way Wizard cantrips are even more transferrable than Divine spells. If you research a new Divine spell, other casters can only learn it from you, IIRC, it doesn't just get added to their lists. But Cantrips do more than even this - they actually appear in all Wizard spellbooks, everywhere. Or, I suppose under a different reading, in any new Wizards that come into being after you've researched it.

    There are implications for communication here.

    Liches could start aggressively researching cantrips to piss each other off even though their preparations mean they can't actually find each other (and probably don't want to meet if they could).

    Cantrip: "Szass Tam says Screw You, Mellifleur" (creates a lukewarm cup of tea in a chintzy cup)
    Cantrip: "Mellifleur sends his regards to Szass Tam and wishes him the worst of possible days" (irons and presses all your clothing)
    Quote Originally Posted by No brains
    Is it possible for an entomber to repeatedly entomb itself so that it can tunnel downward quickly?
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