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    Alias: Warmonger, Villain, Sick Freak, Disgusting Abomination, Master (In that order)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Marro

    Age: Unknown

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Class: Barbarian, Psychic

    Power Rating: B

    Description: I got me a picture! He's the dude on the rock
    Spoiler: What he looks like (Warning BIG

    Personality: He is a talker. Loves to boast upon his past battles. He is also a good therapist (what with his telepathy and all), and if you prove yourself to him, he would be willing to help with psychological problems. No, I'm just kidding, he is a savage bloody conqueror.

    Equipment: Built in armor plating, his right arm is an obsidian sword, and that's pretty much it.

    Abilities: Has the ability to project his thoughts in a way the projectee understands, Has perfect (and I mean beating Ares in a fair fight perfect) offensive swordplay. Sucks at defending himself though (that's what the sub-dermal armor plating is for)

    Backstory: Ne-Gok-Sa was the scourge of the Marro, being one of the only of his species to control the minds of weak willed humanoids. He vanquished many while he was alive, but this all ended one day when an orbital strike annihilated him whilst he single handily held off a large force of soldiers. Death did not stop his rampage however, and he (with two trusty Marrden Nagrubs, see misc.) fought his way out of Valhalla and into the Nexus.

    Miscellaneous: Two things:
    1) Ne-Gok-Sa cannot actually speak, but psychically projects his words directly to the person whom he's having a conversation with's brain.

    2) He is constantly followed by two Marrden Nagrubs
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