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    Well, I've woken up to worse PMs before, let me tell you!

    For Eos, I shall take an appropriate shade of Red.

    Eos Eta
    Adeptus Mechanicus/Forge World Sage

    The wise learn from the deaths of others

    Spoiler: Description

    Eos looks... fairly typical for a tech priest. She dresses in the traditional red Imperial Robes, and proudly bears a collection of Mechadendrites (One Optical, One Utility, one Interface) attached at the small of her back.

    Were Eos stripped naked and shaved, she would bear three visible sets of cybernetic enhancement. One at the base of the spine (A combination Cyber-Mantle and Mind Interface Unit), one on the inside of each wrist (secondary Mind Interface Unit), and a mechanical right eye (the visible portion of her Augur Array). A fairly small number for a Tech Priest, but in her defence, she is still at the start of her career...

    Ignoring the mechanical portions (and after giving her her hair back), what you're left with is a thin, pale (as in 'insufficiently tanned', not 'albino') woman, with brown hair and brown eyes, probably in her mid/late 20s. She easily qualifies as 'cute', but isn't striking enough to make the jump to 'beautiful'. Unless you like'em cybernetically enhanced, that is...

    Spoiler: History

    Eos Eta was born on Core Theta, the daughter of two low-ranking Tech Priests. As a child, she too was inducted into the Cult of the Machine, and began training to one day become a Tech Priest herself.

    As an initiate, she was considered a promising candidate for becoming a Logis one day. To that end, she was transferred over to Cerix Magnus, and began serving an apprentiship down in the bowels of Assembly Zero-One-Zero.

    While she was down there, there were... incidents. Sabotage. Machines taken apart without warning. Maintenance done without the proper application of Sacred Unguents. And the Tech Priests were at a loss to find the culprit.

    Ultimately it was a passing Inquisitor who finally solved the riddle - tracking down the Heretek who had been committing sabotage under Eos' nose, and killing them deep in the Assembly's under-levels. But then he demanded his price for his assistance - and took young Eos into his service as his fee.

    That's the official version of the story, anyway.

    In truth, the Heretek the Inquisitor had found was Eos herself. The Radical had no more interest in towing the Adeptus Mechanicus' doctrinal lines than Eos did, so she'd been given a choice: Work for the Inquisition or get turned in for her 'crimes'.

    Not a difficult choice, really.

    Promising Logis that she was, Eos wasn't happy with her lot in life. She'd always wanted to serve on an Explorator Fleet, but the career they actually offered her was to do years of boring rote maintenance (with only a squad of Servitors for company) followed by a lifetime of optimizing production runs.

    Desperately bored, and stuck on maintenance detail far below the manufactory floor, she'd taken to poking around the vaults under her 'care'. The vaults of ancient Cogitators were a particular favourite, and she stuck her interface mechadendrite into every one she could find. They taught her a lot of random things about the galaxy she wasn't being allowed to explore...

    ...Until the last one. Knowledge from a decade or a century back is one thing. Knowledge from the Dark Age of Technology, on the other hand...

    ...Well, that shook Eos. Here it was, a mechanical mind from the age of the Standard Template Constructs... and it had never heard of a machine spirit, even considering the concept slightly ludicrous. Humanity's greatest technological achievements hadn't involved swarms of Servitors and endless chanting. Her superiors... might not actually know what they were talking about...

    So she'd started experimenting. Little things, at first - skipping intonations, using non-sanctified oil - then on to disassemblies, which is where the other Tech Priests began to notice. Luckily for her, there was an Inquisitor along in the market for a tech specialist before the Tech Priests caught on that the 'saboteur' was one of their own.

    And hey, even if she is technically being blackmailed to be here... at least now she gets to explore new worlds. After all... that was all she'd wanted to do in the first place...

    Spoiler: Stats

    WS: 33 32
    BS: 32
    St: 34 35
    To: 45
    Agi: 36
    Int: 53
    Per: 41
    Wil: 40
    Fel: 32
    Inf: 41

    Wounds: 13
    Fate: 4

    Spoiler: Aptitudes

    Forge World: Intelligence
    Adeptus Mechanicus: Tech

    Agiliy (duplicate Intelligence)
    Fellowship (duplicate Tech)

    Spoiler: Skills

    Known (+0)
    Common Lore[Adeptus Mechanicus] (Int)
    Forbidden Lore[Archaeotech] (Int)
    Linguistics[High Gothic] (Int)
    Logic (Int)
    Operate[Aeronautica] (Agi)
    Scrutiny (Perc)
    Security (Int)

    Trained (+10)

    Spoiler: Talents

    Clues from the Crowds
    Infused Knowledge
    Mechadendrite Use (Utility)
    Weapon Tech
    Weapon Training (Solid)
    Weapon Training (Low Tech)

    Spoiler: Traits

    Mechanicus Implants (Cranial Circuitry, Cyber-Mantle, Electro-Graft, Electoo Inductors, Potentia Coil)

    Spoiler: XP

    Int (Simple) - 100xp
    Infused Knowledge (L3) - 400xp
    Tech-Use (Known->Trained) - 200xp
    Forbidden Lore[archaeotech] (known) - 100xp
    Linguistics[High Gothic] (known) - 100xp
    Scrutiny (Known) - 100xp

    Spoiler: Equipment

    Augur Array (Good)
    Calculus Logi Upgrade
    Hand Cannon
    Imperial Robes
    Mechadendrite (Optical)
    Mechadendrite (Utility)
    Mind Impulse Unit (Good)
    Sacred Unguents x2
    Imperial Guard Flak Armor
    Weapon Maintenance Kit

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