Like most giants, ogres are brutes interesting only for being high-strength humanoids. Unlike most giants, ogres have sufficiently few RHD (4, to be precise) to be still somewhat interesting as PCs. Their HD are poor, their stats reasonably good, and their advancement possibilities reasonable.

To be honest, it seems to me as if ogres are too strong for +0 LA, but too weak for +1. +0 will put them at an offensive advantage even when compared to mineral warrior water orcs (as well as a HD-based one), but +1 would be overcompensating for its stats: a moderately optimized goliath barbarian would be at a significant advantage in such a case.

In the end, I'm going to assign +0 LA. While ogres may be initially on the stronger side, this LA will make for more balanced PCs over the course of a campaign. If your game uses LA buyoff, I recommend +1 instead.

Discuss away!

Also, ogre mages are next.