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    Default Re: Index of Minmax/ Brilliant Gameologists Threads

    Ironically, Like with Wizards of the Coast, I mirrored the Min/Max Boards before they closed. (between May 30 and May 31st)
    I already had a full mirror of Brilliant Gameologists

    I guess when I'm done cleaning up Secrets of the Archmages, I'll put that stuff online too....

    (Actually, here's a list of all the websites I've mirrored, if anyone is interested)

    Spoiler: Proof Solauren is a Pack Rat....

    If they have an attached discussion forms, I got those too....

    Birthright.net - as of May 30, 2017
    Candlekeep.net - as of May 30, 2017
    Canonfire! - as of May 30, 2017
    DiceFreaks.freeforums.org - as of May 30, 2017
    Dragonlance.net - as of May 30, 2017
    Dragonsfoot.org - as of May 30, 2017
    EnWorld.org (Character Builds + Optimization, General Monster Talk, Older D&D Editions, Pathfinder/Starfinder) - as of May 30, 2017
    Fratenity of Shadows - as of May 30, 2017
    Giants in the Playgroudns discussion boards (D20 System, Homebrew Design, Older D&D) - as of May 30, 2017
    The Min Max Boards - as of May 30, 2017
    RPG.Net (Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy D20) - as of May 30, 2017
    The Piazza - as of May 30, 2017
    Dnd-Wiki.org - as of May 30, 2017
    www.al-qadim.com - as of May 30, 2017
    www.amethyst-dragon.com - as of May 30, 2017
    Athas.org - as of May 30, 2017
    The Campaign Cartographers Guild (including all maps + images) (October 2016)
    Dragonlance Nexus - as of May 30, 2017
    www.dandwiki.com - as of May 30, 2017
    The Kargatane - as of May 30, 2017
    Kencyclopedia - as of May 30, 2017
    Spelljammer.org (+ Lost Spelljammer.org) - as of May 30, 2017
    melkot.com - as of May 30, 2017
    Mimir.net - as of May 30, 2017
    Mimir-Planewalker.com - as of May 30, 2017
    SeanKreynolds.com (RPG stuff only) - as of May 30, 2017
    worldofathas.tripod.com - as of May 30, 2017

    And I'm looking through the various Geocitie mirrors and downloading those too, most are from 2010 or so

    I have the following as PDFS
    D20 Websites
    Dnd Files.com
    DndWorld - Karanblade
    Dungeon MasterMind
    Empire of Sand
    Hyborian ages
    Legends of Greyhawk
    Luthien and talmar Creations
    Myriad Thoghts
    Mythic Domains
    Pebbies Campaign Guide
    Return to the Void
    Talens Forge
    The 3.5E Tower
    The Clueless Inn
    The Known World
    The Roaming Gensai
    Toho Kingdom's D20 Section
    Urbis - A World of Cities
    The Creature Catalog

    Pre D20 System Websites
    A Dark Sun Page (2nd Edition)
    Ahzad Jinsai's Spelljammer Page (2nd Edition)
    Arr-Kelaan (2nd Edition)
    Arwann (2nd Edition)
    Azumandias Domain (2nd Edition)
    Chasmyrs Grotto (2nd Edition)
    Citadel Raven (2nd Edition)
    Count TriStar's AD&D Castle.pdf
    DreadWood (2nd Edition)
    Duses Page (2nd Edition)
    Eldren Coralons Dungeon Masters Miscellanous (2nd Edition)
    Fahvarims Lorebook (2nd Edition)
    Five Rings of Power
    Hawkwind's Planescape Fiends Page.pdf
    Hyrkul Space (2nd Edition)
    Ice Mages Home (2nd Edition)
    Ionia of Ermoon.pdf
    Kal Tarathorn (2nd Edition)
    Kaladors Realm (2nd Edition)
    Kingdom of Liamelia (2nd Edition)
    Krazy Ivans Spelljammer.pdf
    Levinors Tower Tranquil (2nd Edition)
    Lost Spheres (2nd Edition)
    Louras Roleplayingand Fantasy Page (2nd Edition)
    Maldins Greyhawk (2nd Edition)
    Meefmans (2nd Edition)
    Minarra (2nd Edition)
    Mskinas (2nd Edition)
    Portal4640 (2nd Edition)
    Rays of Life and Death (2nd Edition)
    Rhymchaeld (2nd Edition)
    Rigaal's Nook (The Domain of Dread).pdf
    Scardale (2nd Edition)
    Scripta Planorum (2nd Edition)
    Sir Beef's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Page.pdf
    SpellJammer - Beyond the Moons (2nd Edition)
    Starfox-AlQadium (2nd Edition)
    Starfox-Birthright (2nd Edition)
    The Birthright Netbook.pdf
    The Boldavian Prince.pdf
    The Mimir (2nd Edition)
    Tieflings Exultation (2nd Edition)
    Unless Infinity (2nd Edition)
    Wolfs Spelljamming Port (2nd Edition)
    World of Alloryia (2nd Edition)
    World of Arkaela (2nd Edition)
    World of Tryll (2nd Edition)
    Yet Another Forgotten Realms Web Page (2nd Edition)

    Also, a copy of all the files that were on the World Wide Web Wanderers website before he had to take them down in late 2000/early 2001
    About 400 Netbooks
    A copy of the Wotc Discussion forms (the current Secrets of the Archmages website)
    A copy of the WOTC Mailing Lists (Al-Qadim-L, Birthright-L, D20-L, Dark-Sun-L, DND-L, Dragonlance-L, Eberron-L, Greyhawk-L, Mystara-L, Planescape-L, Ravenloft-L, Realms-L, Spelljammer-L)

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