Canterlot, a city of wonders, the capitol of ponykind for centuries, the home of the Royal Sisters, and the very heart of Equestria. Gleaming, metal buildings rise from the plain below Mt. Avalon and tower above the Royal Palace. Flying cars, the play-toys of the rich and famous, carry ponies and goods to and fro. Modern marvels greet the eye, no matter where you look. And yet somehow, they never replaced the cobblestone streets.

They tried to. Oh, they tried. But protesters denounced the “brutalizing of Canterlot’s heritage”. They made such a fuss that, eventually, the cobblestone streets were left as is. The protesters can now proudly trip over loose stones to their hearts content. Besides, few ponies walk on the ground nowadays. There is no need to when all the buildings are interconnected. Huge, steel walkways span the gaps. A few of the larger ones even host small markets and shops. Other enterprising business owners rent out the rooms on either side of these bridges and hawk their wares out of the wind and weather. The prime spots, of course, are near the tourist attractions. Shops near the Palace do good business, no matter what they sell. And of course, those fortunate enough to be right next to the Canterlot branch Rarity's, a line of stores which need no advertisement other than their owner's name, could only fail because of complete incompetence.

But of all the places in the city, the Wonderbolts' Stadium is the most sought-after. Entrance is so hard to get that neighboring buildings make a tidy profit selling space near the windows to watch. Tickets to the stadium itself are sold years in advance for the Canterlot shows, which go beyond displays of aerial acrobatics and also showcase the newest, experimental technology designed for pegasi. How exactly Brazen managed to get all four of the squad tickets is his secret, but the show is well-worth every bit they would have cost. Oddly, the senior captain, Rainbow Dash, did not perform tonight, but the show did not suffer greatly for it. One could say it even went smoother than normal.

However, all good things must come to an end. With a final burst of fireworks and jaunty round of salutes, the Wonderbolts leave the cheering crowd behind and soar off to “The Roost”, their private penthouse at the highest point in Canterlot. A fitting end to the third day of a five-day leave, the first that the EDF's first squad has had since beginning training six months ago. But that is in the past. Now is a time for celebration. Commander Wildcat's orders.

"I don't want you even thinking about the EDF for the next five days," he had growled at them, "Get out of here. Get some rest. You'll need it, because who knows when we'll need you?"

But with the show over, a question appears. What to do now?