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Thread: Celestia's Finest: The Sun Always Rises

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    Love pulls toward the front of the group when food gets mentioned.

    Someone is dressing for that extra sharp edge today. Her semi-white pony coat with a blue tinge blended thoroughly throughout is perfectly combed down. A knee-high fluffy ponytail of light blue and purple hair curves down towards her shoulders. Her V-shaped bangs cover her brows above her glowy amber eyes. A broken, jagged unicorn horn breaks up her hairline. She has two laptop bags at her haunches - her computer, surely in one of them. As usual, she has on flared, long visor-like purple sunglasses with undetectable frames.

    She points forward with a hoof like a hound dog on the trail. "Food!" Apparently those two stadium dogs didn't put a dent in her appetite. "We should go somewhere new or extra delicious." Her hoof wipes some imaginary droll from her mouth.
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