That little show had been much more intriguing than expected. Studying the Wonderbolt's precision, coordination and telementary had been a fascinating exercise. Perhaps one day his unit would be able to function with such perfection. It would be something pleasant to anticipate.

But now was not the time for such thoughts. Sniper Scope covered his mental musings by adjusting his leather jacket's collar. Were it not for the material's different texture, then it would have blended almost perfectly into his midnight pelt.

"There should be little trouble finding a new place in which to dine." Scope opined. "The challenge will be finding something so... extra delicious."

He cast his gaze over the crowd, scanning for potential threats or problems. The motion was so automatic that he would have had to consciously try not to survey their surroundings. He turned his attention back to his comrades.

"But perhaps we should allow Brazen the honor of choosing our destination as a means of saying thanks for the show? Allow me to treat."