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Thread: Celestia's Finest: The Sun Always Rises

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    Lucky Lucky for me, I knew the stallion that got us into the show." Her eyes twinkle reminiscing about all that fancy new tech and all those amazing stunts. The old brain juice was pouring tonight. That wouldn't be the only juice pouring though.

    She commands her phone on, "Ello, Love." A purple AR, augmented reality, screen pops up in her view for those with sharp eyes to spy. The explorer function enters eye tracking so she doesn't have to speak to it too much.

    "You treated us. We'll treat you. I'll find you the best sauce this side of town." It's a simple search: Awesome alcohol & a spicy environment. She didn't really care for the stuffy places. Of course, the true challenge was finding a place to dive without a million stadium ponies being there. Someplace sketch might work. A curled smile and a quiet evil chuckle escapes her lips.

    Spoiler: OoC
    I'm fine with anyone moving our location to a place with drinks!
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