In but a moment, Love has a hit. Club Canterlot, a place known for having the best drinks in town (including authentic Sweet Apple Acres cider). The only problem was that it would probably be very full soon. The line to get in would be overflowing already, though the bouncers would be turning a lot of ponies away. If she's confident in her skills for sweet-talking, getting in there might be an option. Of course, there's always offering a generous tip if all else fails.

Alternately, there's a dive called Sweet Peaches down near the cobblestone streets that has pretty good reviews. "Lousy service, loud music, great drinks. All you could wish for in a bar!" one pony says. "Don't expect the bartender to ask you 'rough day?' and listen to your life story, but if you just want a drink and a dance with some friends, you can't go wrong here."