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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread II: Where The Em Dash Doesn't Exist


    So hey, how about them oozes, huh? Inevitability does not condone actually playing a gelatinous cube samurai, and is well aware of the weakness of such a build. Inevitability is also hoping for this post to finally end the ogre mage debate.

    Black Pudding

    Delicious namesake aside, black puddings are just very unattractive as PCs. Half their build is taken up with atrocious ooze HD, their horrible ability scores make them suitable for little other than melee combat, and their low speed and single natural attack don't really help with that either.

    Split is interesting depending on how your DM rules it, but anything else than 'you get an arbitrary number of loyal servants' is probably a nerf overall: if an ability means random rat can cut your HP in half with a single bite, it's not a good ability.

    Is the black pudding salvagable? Not really unless the aforementioned Split abuse is on the table (and even then, other builds do it earlier and better). It's crippled by its ten RHD, its ability scores are underwhelming, and it may even destroy loot just by trying to do the one thing it's moderately good at. -0*.

    Elder Black Pudding

    Yes, wasting any chance at pre-epic levels definitely salvaged this monster. Still -0*.

    Gelatinous Cube

    Now we're talking. Four ooze HD aren't too bad, paralysis is a very nice save-or-lose (that RAW even works with weapon attacks) and while the stats are still pretty bad at least you have the class levels to get some use out of them (dragonfire adept, perhaps).

    Still, no need to weigh these down further. +0 LA.

    Gray Ooze

    Three ooze HD this time. That said, there just isn't much that interests me in this ooze. It seems intended to be a grappler, but isn't that good at it mechanically. Acid is a neat source of damage, but it's going to destroy a piece of magic loot eventually.

    I guess a grappler might like easy improved grab and constrict, but it's not that hard to get, especially when this thread's LAs are already being used. Even then, the ooze is so bad that foes may literally not notice its was there before the ooze's allies kill them. -0 LA, with the slightest of possibilities for +0 instead.

    Ochre Jelly

    Mid-level oozes this time, at 6 HD. Constrict and Improved Grab are nothing we haven't seen before, Split is still an ability that's either unrateably broken or painfully detrimental. Nothing worth a positive LA here, though: -0* is fine.

    Orcs are next and also easy to rate.
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