Descending deep into the depths of the city, where Celestia's sun rarely shines and the light comes mostly from streetlamps and neon signs, the four ponies quickly find their way to Sweet Peaches. Canterlot's new and improved automated map system guides the way through winding streets, filled with ponies either finishing up their errands for the day or headed out to dinner and for some fun, and past dark alleys. This area is still in the Palace District, the safest area of the city, but keeping an eye out is second nature to any member of the guard and especially so for the elite of the EDF. But it's not like any thieves would be foolish enough to attack in the middle of a crowd.

Sweet Peaches is exactly as advertised: a combination restaurant and bar that focuses mostly on the bar. The food is decent enough. Nothing five-star, but the hayburgers are juicy and the fruit is sweet. A short stage sits in the corner of the room, where an earth pony mare gives a spirited rendition of Bon Poni's "Lay your Hooves on Me". The rest of the staff are cordial, but they are here to deliver food and make sure no fights break out, not chat.

Brazen's comm dings.