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Thread: Celestia's Finest: The Sun Always Rises

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    With a stirring flourish, the mare finishes her song. Chest heaving, she bows and hands the mic off to the next singer. To the crowds’ delight, she descends from the stage and seems to be headed in the general direction of the EDF, but a group of young stallions call her by name and she goes to them instead. They begin to talk and laugh with each other. She’ll probably occupy their attention for the rest of the night.

    A world-weary waiter comes up. “Hello. Name’s Sunshine. Yes, I know the name is ironic. No, I don't particularly feel like smiling. Now, if that's everything, what’ll you be...” His eyes fall on Partial Charge and he falters. "--Be you alright, ma'am? You look a bit, er...I mean your horn is..." He flushes. "It's none of business. Drinks! Food! Ha-ha. I'll shut up now and take your orders." He looks particularly eager to avoid looking directly at Love and focuses on the other three, especially Rose.

    Brazen gets another text as well.
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