Love claps and cheers for the first signing pony, a usual round of applause. The interest in her dropping off as the singer busy's herself with her evening elsewhere.

She paid no mind to the waiter focusing on her horn. Though she does give Sunshine a bemused smirk to show she has no hard feelings about it. The horn has been gone for a long time. It missing is a part of her identity now, and as long as no pony means harm in their actions she has no problem with the odd stare or whisper. The fact that the horn is missing on her synthetic androids too has to mean something.

"A round of cider sounds good," she confirms. "I'd like the nastiest, spiciest hayburger you'd be kind enough to whip up. I want to feel some fire tomorrow. And, I'd like a bowl of fruit. Not a single bad apple - make it all fresh bites and the bits will be worth your effort."