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    Harold Philips

    Alias: None that he's proud of

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Technically Human

    Age: Around 10000 years old, a little bit less

    Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral, looking to reform

    Class/Profession: Warlock

    Power Rating: C+

    Spoiler: He's aged well (warning big)

    Personality: Charming

    Equipment: Nothing but the clothes on his back

    Abilities: Semi-Immortality: As long as Harold holds his bargain to the soon to be dead demonic lich Nimnarath, he can't die. Even if he breaks his oath of servitude, Nimnarath will be the only person who'll be able to kill him. Also has minor spellcasting abilities. Also also being around ten thousand years old Harold is crazy smart.

    Backstory: Harold was just a normal human beggar in a world far from the nexus. That is until he stumbled upon a demonic entity known as Nimnarath, whom he made a pact with. The details of this pact have been lost for millennia, even Harold forgot what it was, but Nimnarath broke this oath by killing Harold. Nimnarath was bound by the promises that he makes, and the powers that be punished Nimnarath for the broken oath by cursing Harold with immortality. Nimnarath, enraged that Harold came out on top of this deal, forced Harold to swear a new oath to him detailing that if Harold ever told another being on how to kill him, Nimnarath would be able to slay Harold again. For countless years Harold served the dark lich, and he ruined the lives of countless men and women. Harold recently started to feel horribly about his actions, and regardless of whether Nimnarath would kill him or not he revealed where the Lich's phylactery was and ran from the lich.

    Miscellaneous: This guy was originally meant as a sub-boss on a plot that i ran from the forums, but I fell in love with the character concept so now I want to play him more full time than originally thought.
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