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    Wizards - In Pathfinder's Occult Adventures, they have a class called an Occultist. Their 'magic powers' are defined by their cantrips, but any spell with a level above 0 is actually a UMD check on a magic implement that's on their person. In practice, it's the same as wizard, but in theory, it's not. Your "sci-fi" wizard, in the occultist style, by having a myriad of technology that has to "recharge" (After, say, a short or long rest), runs off consumables (not spell components) or both.

    Your Floating disk or Fly spell uses antigrav, Jump is mechanized jump stilts, continual flame could be non-sickening radioactively glowing paint, Scorching ray is "cast" from a flamethrower, "magic weapon" is nanobots that reinforce and serrate the blade they're placed on, a phantom steed is closer to the lightcycles from Tron-Legacy, haste/slow are nerve stimulants/depressents, "Scrying" is hacking cameras, and so forth. You use weather machines, bombs, teleportation belts, cameras, hacking, et cetera. It makes sense that you can't swap out your "spells" on the fly, because you need the actual devices to "cast" those spells, and they can't do that in the middle of a battle... but if you've got 20 minutes, they can figure it out ("Rituals") or while everyone is resting, they can unload and reload the devices onto their person.

    Sorcerers - Unlike wizards, who uses device they can swap out on a daily basis, Sorcerers have them integrated in their body. These Cyborgs are locked into a fixed number of things that are integrated into their bodies, and upgrade them only with that company's technology - Draconic, Inc, the Phoenix Foundation, the Stormborn Collective, or whatever. These integrated tech may be biohacking, grafts, nanobots, et cetera, or some combination thereof.

    Clerics - These individuals have been initiated into specific companies, planets, religions or cults, and have a blend of supernatural abilities, integrated and external technology that work together. A Protection Domain Cleric, for example, have not only better force fields, but can quickly manipulate them, and are trained by a force field manufaturer; Trickery Clerics have hologram projectors, and could be entertainers or work in the military; Knowledge Clerics have wetware in their brains, and aspire to be living computers, often employed by corporations & governments alike; and so on.

    Warlocks - A darker version of clerics, in the sense that these were given their tech and knowledge from something sinister - Organized crime, Alien Overlords, and even beings from beyond the Outer Rim of known space.

    Druids - You could keep it as the original supernatural element, or make the class only available to sentient constructs, such as Warforged, Gearforged, and Vect - that is, they are Transformers, and the "nature" spells are refluffed as manipulating the technological world around them.
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