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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread II: Where The Em Dash Doesn't Exist


    I get it, people want an update. Well, here you go.

    Otyughs are yet another grappling aberration. They've got 6 HD (ouch), and are Large size. This comes with reach, which is increased even more for tentacle attacks (of which they have two, in addition to a bite that should be holding a mouthpick weapon).

    The chassis doesn't improve from there, though. The stat array is something I expect of a default PC race rather than a 6 HD monster (11 strength, seriously?), and improved grab and constrict get a lot less sexy when you realize Bob the half-orc fighter is literally a better grappler than the otyugh, and that's before creating an actually competent build.

    Disease is weak even amongst disease abilities, which is saying something.

    Basically, otyughs are slow, weak beasts with little to no useful abilities. They could be made into a subpar grappler, but it won't be worth the six levels one sacrifices to do it. -0 LA.

    Giant owls are next: it's not like I rated basically the same monster months ago already.
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