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Mysterious Crater

The closest of the giant vultures look up as they hear the sound of the chainsword. The sound of it combined with the shouting is causing some of them to take off and circle in the sky above Krrack. But they do not attack him, they are scavengers after all, not predators.

However, Krrack might notice that some of the foliage near him have started moving. It would seem something else have been attracted by all the noise he's making.

Down in the crater, the hyenas look up towards the sound, causing a momentary distraction. However, it will still be difficult to sneak past all these animals. Though considering there seem to be hyena pups around here, they are unlikely to want to leave this area easily.
Kurrack goes into a defensive stance, and casts a magical prayer to the ancestors that the mystery animal is just a little thing. Like a blink bunny!