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Anja or Donald--Juliette's wording seems to suggest that only one other person knows, and it would seem odd for either of Kat's parents to find out without telling the other one. However, maybe she just meant that she only told one other person, and so both of Kat's parents would probably now know what Juliette and Aurthur want from Kat.
It would be a bit odd if it were one of Kat's parents, but Juliette didn't mention it. I certainly hope Juliette and Arthur would have notice the last names being the same and would have checked into it. After all, they do a lot of surveillance.

I think Jones is another possibility. She worked with the Shadow Men, so she could be regarded as a colleague and she would be a safe person to talk to. It would be interesting if it were Anthony, though. Of course, it could easily be a completely new character.