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    Default Re: Gunnerkrigg Court 7: Psychopomp and Circumstance

    Quote Originally Posted by eee View Post
    And what sort of scientific expertise could Jones bring, anyway?
    I guess it wasn't clear from what I wrote, but I wasn't thinking that her contribution would be to provide scientific expertise. That isn't what Kat seems to lack. I was thinking that Jones might be able to guide Kat and help see the bigger picture and make decisions. She might be able to point Kat to research that other people have done. I agree that she wouldn't need to go through Juliette, though. Also, it's less that I think it's her and more that I don't know who else it would be. It could easily be a new character, I think.

    Quote Originally Posted by John Campbell View Post
    If we're doing crossovers with other comics, I vote Rosalind Narbon, who is about Kat and Annie's age. Give or take. Depending on when she borrowed the time machine.
    Um, Helen Narbon wasn't just a mad scientist, she was a consciously evil one. What about Rosalind? I would find it hard to vote for someone who wants to be evil to help Kat.
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