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    Default Re: Thanqol Learns To Draw Six: Stealing Time

    Trip report:

    Day 2227: Painted an entire second Intercessor squad. Nothing remarkable except I, uh, did not get the skin 100%.
    Day 2228: Painted a single Lieutenant model. For the lieutenant I flipped the silver/bronze scheme, it looks pretty good. I did better with the skin but the overall colouring was a bit too close to his armour scheme so it's still a learning experience. Skin is hard, I'll be glad when I switch to the cyborgs I'll never have to do it again.

    With the lieutenant I found that doing all the flats first and then applying the shades across the board was much better than doing and shading each piece individually. It cuts down immensely on mistakes if you can just fix up a base paint without having to go through a second round of shading.

    Next up is the Hellblasters. I'm intending to do them with extremely bright version of the same scheme so they're all new and shiny - on account of plasma weapons being essentially suicide guns so there's probably high squad turnover. I'm going to try doing the plasma glow in green rather than the traditional blue - although I have been tempted by the concept of yellow weapon highlights they'll probably work better when I get an orange to pair and work with the admech.

    I'm learning a huge amount about brushes, paint thickness and consistency, and the general practicalities of working with physical paints. But I love it! I've done nothing but paint during any of my free time for three days and I'm in an absolutely arty mood. I'm constantly going over colour schemes, variations and paint wishlists. It's enormous fun, art hasn't been this exciting for me in ages.
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