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    Default Re: The Hunting Grounds IV: Drops Contain 0% RNG

    Mysterious Crater

    It is not a blink bunny.

    It is a boar the size of a semitruck.

    It bursts out of the underbrush, with madness in its eyes. The giant beast appears to be wounded, its white fur is torn and there are fresh wounds all over its body, some that appear to have been infected by what appears to be ink that oozes out of the wounds.

    The charges directly at Kurrack, not caring the least about the weapon in his hands as it moves straight for him to gore him with its tusks.

    Down in the crater, the hyenas regard the newcomer with caution. They seem curious, though as soon as Fendrick comes close to one of the pups, they start to growl threateningly. They do not want him close to any of their children it appears.

    Fendrick can see what appears to be small river leading further down into the crater. He would likely have to follow it to get to the artifact, whatatever it is. But he has to get past the hyenas first somehow.

    Mess Hall

    Good for her. Astrana couldn't care less about eating plants though, seemed like a waste to use such rare resources for food.

    "How could the wildlife help you exactly? Are you looking for a sacrifice? A familiar? A patron?"
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