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For some reason, I thought those were quarters holding down the pieces, and i'm like that's $83 just to hold down your minis!

Then I realized they're pennies. That makes much more sense.
Some bigger monsters use quarters (and some smaller ones use dimes) but yes, most of them use pennies (sometimes more than one for wide minis like mounts).

I really enjoyed this as a backer, and there is enough new content to justify the purchase, in my opinion. (If you were a backer, do check your update on this as it has useful information). I will probably buy the rest of the set too so I have them all in an easy-to access spot, especially Summer for the art change (the others may wait slightly longer, but for this price they won't break my bank, especially at the rate of 4 per year).

Looking forward to the other sets, and really enjoying the new female versions of some of the monsters. I have one comment that may seem silly (and is definitely not a hard request or anything): several of the civilian women have kids with them. I was wondering if in future sets some civilian men could be holding kids too? I understand that due to the style and our concept of gender roles it may make them harder to identify as male, but I think it would be pretty neat.

The animals are adorable and although we've been playing online, I think I'll share this with my DM (I'll show him my copy, he'll probably buy one if he's interested). If nothing else, it could be used for the thumbnails we use in our games, but it may also inspire him to use some creatures he hadn't thought of before.

Again, thanks for releasing them! I want to say that as a backer I've been really happy with all the free stuff we've been getting, and that you have allowed us to have exclusive access to it for a really long time, so having them available to everyone (for a fee) is something I'm quite happy about.