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How easy is the lineart to color with computer art programs?
It is really hard to answer this question without knowing your personal level of technical proficiency and the tools you have available. It would be easy for me to do, but I've been using Adobe programs professionally for 22 years.

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In a similar vein, is it okay for people to screenshot/crop the images to use as tokens for online games as well?
As long as you don't just post them online somewhere for anyone to grab, I'm fine with it.


Also, I'm just going to quote myself from one of the last product threads now, because apparently every one of these needs to get derailed in the same way:

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This thread is for discussion of the Belkar comic monster miniatures and issues related to ordering from Gumroad. If you want to complain about the new art style yet again or tell me about how I'm a terrible liar for evolving as an artist, go start another thread so I can more easily ignore your opinions.

Anyone who posts on this thread on any other topic than the topic indicated for this thread will be infracted.
And their post scrubbed.