Aliases: None

Gender: Too alien to have one. Does "it" count?

Race/Species: Mi-Go

Age: Never ask an alien his age! He'll just say something unpronounceable!

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Class/Profession Vivisectionist, Surgeon, and Scientist. That all just means he knows where to stab you

Power Rating: B-

Description: I got me a picture, again!
Spoiler: What he looks like

Personality: Very Direct. Doesn't really understand human conversation that well.
Example Conversation: How was your day?
Countless beings all across the multiverse died simultaneously, some crying out in agony whilst others welcomed the sweet release of death. My day's manner is insignificant towards the plight of these life forms.

Equipment: Always has a few brain cylinders tucked away in his demi-plane (It just uses it as a backpack), Carries on person a Mi-Go Mist Projector at all times. Also has alien looking surgery tools.

Abilities: High resistance to damage, near Brainiac level genius, and minor magic

The following is an intercepted psychic conversation translated into english:

Subject One: The space outside space known as the "Nexus" is a recently discovered location of the Mi-Go empire. Send our local "physician" to collect sufficient data. Have him return to Yuggoth in a period of time subject to change. Mission may become indefinite. End transmission