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    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    Right now, I'm including the character classes in each set. Spring has rangers and druids, Summer has fighters and wizards, Autumn has clerics and paladins (and necromancers), and Winter will have rogues and barbarans. If I continue the series beyond that, I'll probably do bards, monks, and psions, and maybe sorcerers in future sets. But they won't be Kickstarter Mystery Prize #9, that's already a specific thing. More likely I will put them on sale like I am these ones.

    EDIT: Unless you're saying you need more variety than the 39 rangers in the Spring set, in which case, no, that's a lot less likely to happen. There's a near infinite variety for player characters in terms of style, armaments, etc., so I would never be able to create a set that included everyone's idea of what their ranger looked like—and that's not counting all the weird races out there. And at a certain point, it's just me wracking my brain for different ways to draw a ranger and coming up empty, and still not matching what other people might be wishing for.
    Alas. It was a thought. The idea of having a nice wide range for all of the classes in one handy book had appeal. Of course you can't account for everything, but a compendium with many good options would be awesome.

    I am really enjoying the minis a lot. My groups get the most use of class based minis and look forward to more variety... Which is what sparked the hope of a special set devoted to classes specifically.

    Of course, if any of us had even a hint of artistic talent we'd draw our own... But we suck and yours are fun.

    Looking forward to the winter set.
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