Mess Hall

"Warlocks of old would let themselves be possessed by outsiders to grant them boons as they shared one body and one mind. The trick is that you must put a lot of trust into the outsider that you let into your body. Tribes, much like yours, have 'house spirits', or 'gods' that would stay with them for generations, from warlock to warlock, from shaman to shaman. That way they could be sure that the spirit was to be trusted." Astrana explains.

"Binding circles are far safer, but they are not especially popular with the outsiders themselves as you force them to obey your commands. The circle implies that you expect the spirit to screw you over, that there is a divide between you and the spirit you summon." She continues. "The fourth tower, an organization I was a part of for a long time, employes this technique a lot as their ideal is to take power for their own sake. They do not believe in building bonds with potentially dangerous spirits. I take you are of the same mindset then? I certainly don't use summoning through possession often. It is a dangerous technique."