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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread II: Where The Em Dash Doesn't Exist


    The original rakshasa picture is a generic evil dude surrounded by skulls (did they even get the hands right?), so I used this instead.

    Anyway, rakshasas. Their chassis is pretty good, with seven outsider RHD, good stats all around, above-average speed, high DR (which, incidentally, is about the only vulnerability to piercing I've come across yet), and incredible SR, which increases as you gain levels.

    They also get at-will Detect Thoughts and Change Shape (humanoids only), which is useful but not too impactful on their LA. Do note that Detect Thoughts can net them a +4 to bluff and disguise on top of their innate bonuses to those skills.

    And then all of that is in addition to seven levels of racial sorcerer casting, which is good for reasons that need not be explained.

    All in all, and taking the various opinions expressed earlier in the discussion, I think +3 LA is best here, as a middle ground between the various extremes suggested. I wouldn't be oppposed to +2 either, though.

    Next are rast: raise your hand if you have ever used any of those. That's right, you didn't.
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