I need someone to make me a monster. More specificly, i need Cthulhu. Here is what i got so far that i need built upon and turned into a workable epic monster with stats and stuff:

He is a very very very big (think, fully grown dragon sitting on his shoulder like a parrot) epic power outsider (chaotic and aquatic subtypes, i think). He has a pair of wings so he can fly but the wings are designed to work is space, so he cant fly well. The substance he is made of regenerates very fast but is soft, so his armor would be poor. He is telepathic at an extreme range and can control weak minds with ease but he usual has to work through dreams to do it. His mental stats would be almost off the scale and language isnt a problem for him. Like, all his spells would be empowered or something and he would have an aura of suggestion and fear around him for perhaps a few thousand feet. He would win fights by either blowing the baddies away, or making an epic diplomacy check with his crazy high skills and pretty much automaticly forcing everyone around him to become loyal to him by the time he finishes.

Anyone willing to make htis beast?