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Iiiiiiinteresting. Is this a link that can be broken, or is it permanent?
Permanent I think, adds a point of weakness to Turkey which can ordinarily manage its links.

Bring back war stories!
I am in A Pickle because I'll be going up against a thought out Imperial Guard army with my starter box units - and added to that my list is pretty much 100% melee, so I gun get rekt on the advance. I'm intending to essentially form a giant wall of zombies and shove them down the centre to soak hits for my valuable units racing up behind them. I am relying 100% on my Psyker to kill tanks because it's the only thing other than my general that can reliably pierce heavy armour. The other big variable will be if there's enough cover for my bloat drone to get across the field safely - it is a big fragile target but it'll be murder if it can close to melee.

It'll be tough, but my plan is good I think.