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    They've not been bothering to have it in "ages"? Just how long was that? There seemed to be a real mystery behind this. Was this some cult that she had been introduced into? It made sense with the fact that they apparently demanded her to go around nearly flashing everyone. Who would demand that out of a person? A pervert testing the boundaries of his powers of course. Testing how far another person was willing to go to feel that they belonged somewhere. Just like the instructors within the fourth tower tested how much the acolytes were willing to sacrifice to gain minuscule power.

    The tiefling raises her eyebrows. "You don't know? Usually the shaman have a strict role within their community, they have to maintain the relationship with the tribal spirits with various sacrifices and tributes. If these bonds haven't been strengthened for "ages", then these spirits might not be too happy with your tribe. Have they mentioned anything about that? Just how long have you even been with these people?"
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