The two bouncers stop in front of Sharilyn as she addresses them, and look her up and down. "That's... not just a costume, is it?" one of them asks with a bit of surprise and no small amount of apprehension. That one stays in front of Sharilyn and waves his force pike. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to..." he trails off, obviously intimidated at the prospect of fighting an obviously insane woman whose cosplay isn't a game - or, worse, a bona fide Mandalorian.

Meanwhile, the other costumed man takes a step back, realizing that he's out-classed. Pulling out a communicator, he hastily says "Management, we have a situation, here."

The Aqualish, Twilek, and Rodian pounce on the second, now-dead Imperial soldier, looking for anything of value on him, maybe. The drunkard Quarren stumbles around in the midst of the floor, shudders for a moment with a glance at Zo, on the other side of the dance floor, and then turns back to his companions. As he does so, Eldrith, Yijz, and Zo notice a relaxing of Trill's muscles, as she gets up while holstering her blaster pistol. Trill glances at the man that she stunned, then at Eldrith, hisses "Quiet! You want to get their attention?" before glancing toward the back door. "There's a door out back. Probably lower chance of trouble if we go that way." On her way, she gives the same charming smile Eldrith saw at the spaceport toward the Wookie, winks, and then smiles at Zo, before heading for the exit. Chips begins shambling after her, trying to grip his slave collar and grunting in Wookie.

Spoiler: Mechanics
~~Round 3~~

Party #1: Party NPCs
Trill (soak 3, wound threshold 12, strain threshold 13)
Chips (soak 5, wound threshold 13, strain threshold 10)

Party #2: Bouncers
Fake Mandalorian bouncer 1 (soak 5, wound threshold 6, minion) (engaged with Sharilyn)
Fake Mandalorian bouncer 2 (soak 5, wound threshold 6, minion) (calling management)

Notes: I am keeping time in rounds to keep track of when more security/more Imperials arrive.